The Harvest by Livy-Elcon Emereonye

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The Harvest by Livy-Elcon Emereonye

There’s this particular polygamous family where brothers and half-brothers never agreed on anything based on a simple seed of discord sowed by their parents especially their father who even went ahead to water and nurture the seed.

The man – husband and father – who’s supposed to love his children unconditionally was rather too biased and “cared” only for some of his children at the expense of others who eventually grew up with skewed mindset of “them” against “us” believing that life is not fair and will never be fair!

As days passed by, the dependent children became adults but with the belief that division, favouritism and hatred are the ways of life. Instead of unity, there is absolute disunity amongst them – and they strive to undo one another.

Funny enough, the over pampered and “loved” children grew up as failures having depended so much on their father for virtually everything while the “neglected” ones who painfully accepted their “fate” and saw life as a challenge that must be overcome with competition as indispensable part of success traversed over the harsh realities of marginalization and exclusion, stretching beyond their limits, to become champions – winning in their chosen field of endeavour. Having grown up with pains inflicted by the one that was supposed to carter, guide and protect them, they develop passion for hard work and excelled beyond measure, venturing into philanthropy and beautifying their world regardless of space and time.

With the constance of change, things change with time. As the father was aging, his strength and sources of income began to reduce until he became dependent on others’ goodwill and mercy. Like the goat jointly owned that starves to death, the man’s dying of hunger and diseases because while his “loved” children remain miscreants that still expect much from him for survival, his rich philanthropic children felt he never cared for them when they needed him most and so found it very difficult to reach out to him. Eventually, this father who consciously denied some of his children love, justice, equity and equal opportunity died of starvation and curable diseases.

Be careful what you sow… you may likely reap the same.

Cullied from Elcon’s Short Motivational Stories

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