The attack and the blessings by Livy-Elcon Emereonye

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It’s very devastating beholding the monumental loss that could have been minimized or out rightly prevented but was allowed to happen due to complex, greed and wickedness even from some of the beneficiaries and recipients of the work.

Though on a rented apartment, the building built by the CEO, through endless extortions and ceaseless rent review and increment, after converting a dungeon to a haven, housed the only supermarket and pharmacy in that locality – with excellent goods and service. Through tenacity the business grew in all ramifications and became a major landmark, creating wealth and employment opportunities in addition to preventing diseases and promoting good health. With uncommon Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), so many people directly and indirectly benefited from the organization.
But it’s rather unfortunate that some people were not happy and were determined to see the company closed. And when their every other mischief failed, they set the building on fire – and it burnt to ashes!

When the business owner came, people especially the evil doers and their cohorts thought he would commit suicide or at worst run mad but nay; instead he looked at the site, imagined his loss and kneeled down to pray. As tears were dripping from his eyes, remembering where he’s coming from, he started giving thanks and praising God. “Lord, I bless you for an hour like this. Thank you Jesus for the gift of life and for all that happened. Give me the grace to appreciate the import of this event. Good God, in the abundance of your love, bless me beyond my expectations for greater exploits for your glory and benefit of mankind.” He stood up, dust his trousers and left!

Within one year he bought some plots of land and built the biggest and best one-stop shopping mall but of course not in the “land” of envy and hostility. His business is now where it’s needed and appreciated – his community for real impact – and he became so rich that generations after him keep enjoying the fruits of his labour.

Were he not attacked, he won’t have thought otherwise. Were he not alive, he won’t have taken some painful decision of relocating and trying to bring out water from the stone. As he stretched beyond his limit, he’s blessed beyond expectation! There is no alternative to life, and with life, there is no limit to what can be done and achieved.

Success is in the being not in the profession or the environment… Until you take a painful decision and even pay dearly for it, you may not discover the beauty of better alternatives.

Culled from: Elcon’s Short Motivational Stories

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