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It is with a heart full of joy that I, Ike C. Ibe and the entire APGA family, Imo State, welcome our esteemed and distinguished brothers to our great party. Your coming though long overdue could not have come at a better time than now.
Today, it has become crystal clear that we are living in perilous times and ‘things are no longer at ease,’ as things have fallen apart with our dear state, Imo. From the national to the state and down to our individual families, the stories are the same; stories of leadership vacuum that has created a state of political brigandage and calamity in our land. Those who promised us ‘change’ have turned around to chain us.
The sort of impunity they have used to ring themselves and working to perpetuate themselves and their families in power to the detriment of our long suffering people is not what can be fought alone by Ike. C. Ibe or Bar. Ezeobi, or our National Chairman, Chief Victor Oye, or APGA’s teeming supporters alone. No, it is a liberation struggle that must involve all our distinguished leaders who hitherto had been in other political parties.
You have come home finally to our own party, a party we are proud to answer the label ‘Igbo Party.’ We are proud sons and daughters of Igbo and we cannot shy from the fact that APGA represents the Igbo man’s last hope to a place in the sun. That is whey all Igbo sons and daughters must identify with this party and so the great joy in our hearts that you have finally made that great move of coming back home.
As all political parties stand today in Imo State, even the blind knows that the next general elections is for APGA to lose, but we are not going to lose it especially with your coming to join and fortify the party with your cerebral political experiences over the decades. You are all highly welcomed.
Be equally reminded that today’s APGA is no longer the APGA of yesteryears. We have grown our great party beyond partydom. We are now not just a party in the party sense of the word but a movement, a consciousness, an ideology and a people on a march to our destiny as ndi Igbo. APGA has become a Great Spirit, the Igbo Spirit poised to liberate the entire Igboland from the bondage of ages.
Your coming has set the Imo political scene agog. APGA as you know long left her comfort zone and has plunged full-scale into aggressive politicking and canvassing with the total assurance that this next general election is us to win.
What with the incumbent governor losing favour and encumbered by promises made and not fulfilled, with his running a totally private government administration hinged on the filial, with the quantum of budgets accruals to the state asking to be accounted for, for a free education that has rubbished Imo’s stellar educational standing in Nigeria, that has seen Imo State University plummet from an enviable position amongst Nigerian universities. With various courses dis-accredited, Imo sons and daughters in the university now wonder what their fate is. The governments’ treatment of old pensioners and serving civil servants is left to each to decipher. Not to mention a mind bugling state debt profile! No wonder the clamour and angst by the community of the whole state to sack the occupiers of Douglas House.
On the other extreme is the soulless party, PDP, famed for eating its own, from whose clutches you have just escaped. With all of you joining APGA today, what is left of PDP if not an empty shell? We hope the remaining few men we have also identified there join the APGA liberation train the sooner.
You have our assurance that you are welcomed as equals into the large APGA family, large enough to give each and everyone a level playing field for the achievement of our dreams. This is our commitment to you as you join us today and we also urge a commitment from you that whether our personal ambitions comes to fruition now or in the future, that APGA will remain your home to build and nurture that party of our dream that will uplift Igboland from her present quagmire mired in gross abuse and underdevelopment
Dear brethren, this is APGA’s finest moment and we must capitalise on this great revival and win back our state for our generation and the future generation to come least our children ask us, “father when Imo State was adrift, what did you do?”
As our cockerel always reminds us chi ndi imo a-b-o-l-a!
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