Dogs eat dogs without a bark

Only to bite the imbecile by the road!


People gather to give a relief

But none present a slice of bread

When the sickness is of hunger


There’s a click of men of honour

Whose honour is in cheat and greed

Amongst their joined hands isn’t only leprosy

Aside spreading tuberculosis where they go


In its cubic centre of archaic morgue

Resides the chief of these thieves

And it’s there population’s depopulated

With orgy of forgery, fakery and falsehood


Like chimney they smoke to die

at end of every executed fraud

But lo, they are frustration personified


A look at each is a memoir of regret

A closer observation but tale of waste

The councillor’d wipe humanity

If only they are sole professional—

What a disgrace to mankind

Throwing cautions to dogs!


This bigotry of bigots pollutes

enthroning tribalism and nepotism…

As they drink with intoxication

the black concoctions for power,

in turn they patronize witch doctors


They arrogate to themselves immortality

But disgracefully suffer and beg to die.