The attention of OGANIRU ALA-ANYI INITIATIVE has been drawn to the pernicious raids, lootings and vandalisations of Igboland, raping of women and killing of Igbos in cold blood by a group of lawless and blood thirty Fulani herdsmen.

OGANIRU ALA-ANYI INITIATIVE  is an organization of Igbos, at home and in the Diaspora, committed to the socio-economic development of Alaigbo, empowerment of her youths and welfare of Ndigbo. Our vision/mission is to unite, think, invest and patronise Alaigbo.

Since the onset of these atrocities no South East governor has made a statement, hatched a plan, or done an act to protect the life, dignity and property of Ndigbo, except for the Bill by Abia State House of Assembly to regulate movement of cattle and animals within their state, but that Bill is just not enough in the face of the increasing danger from the marauding herdsmen.

Perhaps we should remind the Igbo Governors that the Oaths they took on assumption of office (Oath of Office and Oath of Allegiance), charge them with the sacred duty to ‘preserve, protect and defend the Constitution’ of the Federal Republic (1999).

This Constitution, in Sections 33 and 43, safeguards for every Nigeria an inalienable right to life and dignity of the human person, and protection of property.

Equally important are the covenants of Chapter 2 (Fundamental Objectives and Directive Principles of State Policy) which enjoins Ndigbo to inclusivity and guarantee for social, cultural, educational and economic advancement.

It is so disturbing that we have governors who choose to remain unethically calm watching fire gulp and ravage the entire land. This uneasy silence constitutes a gross disservice to the Igbo electorate who voted you into power. Onye ulo ya n’agba oku adigh achu oke

We encourage and urge our governors to emulate governor Fayose’s rugged fighting spirit. Short of mobilizing the people for a counter offensive, legislative intervention gives the polity a legal framework to combat this gory and tenacious nuisance.

We lend our voice to those of our brothers and sisters at home and abroad unequivocally calling on the South East Governors to individually and collectively rise up to the challenge and nip this wanton rape of the peace in Igboland. Stop playing the role of unsavoury apologists of the Hausa-Fulani hegemony. It smacks of criminality and is therefore unacceptable.

We equally call on all Igbos, men and women of goodwill, youths and community leaders, to effectively mobilize against this Hitler-like decimation agenda targeted against our people by the Hausa-Fulani. O biara nga m abiagbule m, k’onala mkpumkpu apula ya n’azu

According to the late Ikemba Nnewi, no man has the monopoly over violence. Patience is a virtue not a weakness. Be wise and don’t stir the sleeping lion. Respect the people’s mandate dear governors and steer these marauding herdsmen off our shores

This is the moment for setting the records. These are times that histories are made. Are you to be remembered for your cowardice or will you be counted for your gallantry and forthrightness for standing up for your people, like Governor Fayose did, and is still doing.South East Governors must stand up now and stop the brazen and wanton destruction of farm lands and the establishment of mini-emirates, and kingdoms, across our land, in the name of herdsmen settlements . Hausa- Fulanis must learn to build ranches and not settlements to grow their trade of cattle production.

Ten years from now it would not really matter that you governors  ruled for two tenures bequeathed billions of Naira and mansions to your children. But a hundred years from now it will matter that you stood back to back with your people against a common enemy and in an uncommon times.

This is the truest legacy you could devise to your generations. This is the stuff great histories are built on. This is the mark of legendary heroes and true leaders. To borrow from Soyinka’s chthonian language, “When spells are cast and the dead evoked by the living” such leaders still talk to the people from their graves.

Signed President
John Anyanwu

Signed Secretary
Apostle Ebenezer Nwosuocha