Nothing in life is permanent except the world of change. And there is no champion forever!!! What counts in our existence and accomplishments remains the records of history and posterity whether negative or positive!!! But it is better to be remembered positively with little opinionated and prejudiced remarks by detractors and haters and traducers!!! This is reflective of the times and accomplishments of a man called Francis Arthur Nzeribe!! And the Distinguished Senator Francis Arthur Nzeribe truly distinguished himself in politics and in business.

He’s remembered as the singular Nigerian who introduced money politics in Nigeria when these so-called Billionaires through our common wealth were in the streets struggling for survival either as public servants or business men!!!! The first African to own a football club through proxy leading to the most celebrated court case on it’s management and ownership in the United Kingdom when Africans were yet to appreciate and understand Europe!!!

He’s the nightmare of MKO Abiola and Nigerian politicians; very fearless and dangerously and irredeemably wealthy in it’s crudest and refinest description!!!! And he’s one man riot squad of the take the message not the messenger fame!! Nzeribe fought to a standstill the veiled political design to introduce the Islamization agenda through the MKO Abiola botched Presidency. One wonders what would have happened to the majority of the Christian population in Nigeria under the Muslim / Muslim experiment of the Social Democratic Party ( SDP) for presidency had the politically prophetic breakthrough of Nzeribe through the Association for Better Nigeria ( ABN) not been successful given the current political and religious realities in Nigeria today under the Buhari Presidency!!!! Cumulatively, the recollected records in ignomy of MKO Abiola against Chief Obafemi Awolowo and the reckless political statement of certainly going to do without the Igbo Nation and the heartlessness of karma in serving political meals fresh and cold, cost MKO Abiola the botched Presidency!!! And thereafter, MKO Abiola visited the Haven of Peace Countryhome of Nzeribe in Oguta Imo State for political reconciliation but the head had been chopped off already. It was in this visit that MKO Abiola acknowledged Nzeribe as his superior in wealth and everything under the sun. Abiola in bewilderment acknowledged that his Toyin Street, Ikeja Residence in Lagos State was a glorified beginners estate in comparison to the amazingly indescribable extensive Residence of Nzeribe built since the conclusion of the second republic political activities!!!! Indeed, Senator Francis Arthur Nzeribe is a super star and champion in every calculation and permutation, deserving eternal accolades and celebrations and endorsement in Nigeria and Africa, and especially in the Igbo Nation!!!!

The first Nigerian to throw money to the people in flying helicopters across the streets and towns and cities for the second republic political party called Nigerian Peoples Party of Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe. Nzeribe was the first Man who provided the platform for Dr. Jim Nwobodo ( former Governor, old Anambra State Nigeria) to make the first money in millions in his life!!!!!

Nzeribe has uncommon thirst and appetite for architectural masterpieces as evident in his super expansive Haven of Peace Countryhome in Oguta, Imo State and his Farm House in the United Kingdom!!!! And till today, every Nigerian Billionaire including former Heads of State and Governors struggle effortlessly to beat his hilltop Mansion and Residence!!!!

The most dexterous politician in Nigeria who taught the essence of ranking in legislative representation and leadership spanning through three political era in the Second Republic and the Third Republic and the current Fourth Republic in Nigeria!!!! And by this milestone, he’s unarguably the most ranking Senator in the History of Nigeria’s parliamentary politics. And he’s Francis Arthur Nzeribe!!!

Arthur Nzeribe was thunder and lightening in politics short of been described as a demigod!!!! He had the absolute control of the” CARIA STATES) during the SDP era in the botched Third Republic in Nigeria, which extended to Benue, the South East and the South West States then!!!! And he’s the only Nigerian politician aggressively dreaded by the all – conquering” political machine of late Shehu Musa Yar’adua throughout his liftime!!!! It’s reported that his countryhome housed every delegate from the CARIA STATES during their mini convention!!!!

Arthur Nzeribe was a frontline presidential aspirant in Nigeria for many political seasons and political parties!!! He’s an enigma, stoically Maverick and altruistically business-like always!!!!

And because there cannot be a champion forever, the Distinguished Senator Francis Arthur Nzeribe has gone out of high level political activities and participation owing to challenging health conditions and age!!!! And it’s natural that at a certain and defined moment and time, another champion must bow in on the end of reign of the former!!! And this exemplifies and captures the story and fame and wealth and political influence of Senator Francis Arthur Nzeribe!!!!!

However, a sick and weak lion remains superior to any other animal in the forest no matter it’s description and size!!!!! Arthur Nzeribe remains unbeatable and irreplaceable even in political retirement!!!!

And may Jehovah never replicate his rarest specie so that his existence would remain superbly special and worthy!!! I reflect in irresistible nostalgic feelings and fulfillment and pride on your hallowed political hands on my head in March 2005 at the Office of the then President of the Senate, Adolphus Nwagbara , excusing me from further privileged discussions and involvement and participation in the legislative activities relating to the screening and clearing of my Brother and Boss as the Imo State Representative on the Board of the NDDC!!!! And I remember also that my Bachelor of Laws Degree Project in 2001 was dedicated to you, an honour that you relishly appreciated and cherished and commended without demanding any monetary and political appreciation, which was designed as my token of appreciation for passing through the Arthur Nzeribe Free Education and Scholarship Programme under Dr. Asika , including your unbeatable records in legislative wizardry and excellence, bestrodding your political and economic world as a fulfilled colossus of indescribable dimensions and proportions!!! Your privileged hand on my head at the National Assembly, Abuja Nigeria was the greatest political impartations in my growth and personal development!!!! And spiritually, I have continued to pursue the essence and import of our meeting and engagement and impartations!!!! You’re a ” god” who remains avoided and disregarded with grievous consequences!!! Seeking you and your greatness beyond mere physical knowledge, has dominated my existence since 1999 till date!!!!

And most importantly, a candle would not lose its shine and light by igniting and lighting several other candles within and without its reach. Let’s learn to impact and impart positively on those around ourselves and our environment. There will always be a day of reckoning by Jehovah and man. Let’s be guided positively therefore!!!

AUGUST 03 , 2017.