Why do people plot iniquity?

That every nook and cranny becomes den of evil

Why do men plant the seed of discord?

That most often there’s fruit of division

Why are humans so wicked?

That some will want others to suffer

Oh wicked creature. Product of wickedness

Why do you want me bend down my head in pains?

Fellow mortal! Why do you want me to cover my face and cry?


How is it that the learned are fools…?

How is it that the mighty are falling?

Were it not the price for greatness

How is it that men mortgage others for safety?

That they embrace pains after betrayal

How is it that we tread the path of sycophancy?

Were it not that all can’t be fooled all times

How trembling and terrible is the act of living

That after all the deed, confession precedes death

Tell me what next should be done…?



This place of more questions than answers

What inference can one get along the path?

This art of more pains than gains

What cautions can one look out for?

This course of more wonders and thunders

What lesson can be learnt so from it?

This trade of more struggle than rest

What really is the yardstick for freedom?

This plane of more enmity than friendship

What love can exist without abuse?

This land of more deception than conception

What next could be more frustrating all the way?

That thinking of solution’s going earlier to grave…

Yet, let not go the quest for reformation!


The faith of mortal. What a fate!

That everywhere’s forest of flower

Yet many know not of it and value

Everywhere’s water of love and mercy

Yet many drink not from this life fountain

Everywhere’s free air for use and may be for keep

Yet some die of suffocation and aspiration

Everywhere’s day and night for growth

Yet some’re stunted and die of starvation

Everywhere’s preachment of moral and religion

Yet dichotomy and, division’s the day’s trade

Everywhere’s the code of existence and right

Yet some wail and rotten in confinement and die…

Hmmm! This life oh the life of humans. What a fate!

So be careful about the things of life

As you may receive that which you wish others!