Politics can be described as the activities associated with the governance of a country or area, especially the debate between parties having power and those in opposition. It can also be described as activities aimed at improving someone’s status or increasing power within an organization.
Democracy can be described as a system of government in which the people control decision making,it is a system of government that ensures that power actually belongs to the people. Democracy entails institutional arrangements for arriving at political decisions, which realizes the common good by making  the people decide issues through the elections of individuals who are to assembly in order to carry out its will.  Democracy in its true form can be viewed as a governmental process which encompasses the competitiveness for power in order to control political decisions in an atmosphere where civil liberties are exercised.
Political parties may be defined by their common aim. They seek political power either singly or in cooperation with other political parties. Political parties are labels in the minds of its members and the wider public ,especially the electorate. Parties seek  to recruits , campaign for candidates seeking election and selection into public political office. Parties are a set of leaders who try to organize and control the legislatives and executive branches of  government.
Pharmacist are a set of professionals trained to ensure the wellbeing of humanity through their knowledge of the totality of drugs and its impact on the health needs of humanity.
Political parties in Nigeria have peculiarities that are obtainable in every multicultural societies the world over. Nigeria has no dominant culture , but a collection of equipotent cultural forces scattered through out the country. The basic needs of humans includes belongingness , so it is much easier for the mass of Nigerians to identify themselves with those who share their language, culture and belief systems than to those who are not. Political parties are conglomeration of ethnic and religious champions , and are also more like proprietary businesses owing to the heavily monetized aspects of political parties in Nigeria.
The above factors of monetization , ethnic and religious considerations have affected the operations of political parties in Nigeria . The ground is not a level plain ground for just any professional to engage in party politics in its ideal form.
However as with an human system , what obtains now will not always be the same, systems change with time and the activities of humans that consciously push for the modification of the existing systems or revolution by radical transformation of the system.
The Pharmacist  professionals with majority of them involved with activities interphasing  with the public has many opportunities of participating productively in party politics in Nigeria.
The Pharmacist belongs to socio- cultural organizations, resident associations, religious organizations etc. These groups mentioned above are veritable recruiting grounds for parties leaders,  financiers and investors. The Pharmacist must  identify a political party which appears to be mainstream in his environment and seek the membership of that registered party.   He should engage in offering  viable alternatives to unworkable policies currently in operation. Criticism is easy , but constructive criticism through the provisions of ways and means , citing examples in debates are veritable means of showing off the qualities that could be obtainable when entrusted with leadership positions.
Though it is easier to get noticed by uncritical sycophancy  for the Godfathers of the parties, but  acknowledgement by the godfathers on such note are only likely to fetch crumbs. Nobody puts an empty person in charge of its business just because he praises him unreservedly.
The Pharmacist professional must also be aware of the peculiarities of the Nigerian system by keeping his focus on obtaining greater good for greater number of people.  While avoiding joining the rot, he must be aware of the mob psychology that governs Nigerian politics.
The engagement of more and more professionals in the space of Nigerian politics will definitely increase the quality of debates and better resolution of existing and evolving challenges of the geographical space called Nigeria. Our capacities inbuilt by our rigorous educational training as Pharmacist has given us the necessities to identify the challenges , look for the solutions used to address similar challenges in other climes, modify such solutions to our clime in full awareness of the peculiarities of our stage of development.